How did we start

The XTended Radioshow was created by the Dutch Bert Koning in June 2013. The idea was to create a radioshow with dance-, rock- and pop-classics in extended, 12-inch and remix versions. Not a strange idea, cause Bert (born in 1970) loves to listen to great 12-inch singles since he get his first turntable on the age of 12. Since that time he started collecting 12-inch versions.

Bert Koning the creator and host-dj of XTended Radio

Radio Aa en Hunze
In September 2013 the XTended Radioshow came to life on the local radiostation Radio Aa en Hunze and became very popular due to their radio format. In May 2015 we did edition 100 and created a video of it.

Dream it, wish it, do it
At the end of 2015 came the idea to build up our own XTended Radio instead of a weekly radioshow on Saturday. Dream it – Wish it. Do it. And so we did, cause on the 16. February 2016 the new XTended Radio was born.

What is an extended version?
Normally radiostations play only radio versions which are most of the time between 2-4 minutes. The reason is to play as much within the hour. Our station is different in that radioformat, cause we don’t play the standard radioversion (or radio-edit), but the longer edit of it. Often played in the club-circuit. That’s why extended versions are also called as club versions or original mix.

We have a minimum track length of 5’00 minutes. Most of the tracks we play have a length between 5-10 minutes (or even longer).

The definition 12-inch
The term “12-inch” usually refers to a vinyl single with one or more extended mixes or remixes of a song. In the mid-to-late 1980s, popular artists often used the 12-inch format to include “bonus” songs that were not included on albums, just as a 7-inch single often included a B-side cut that was not found on full-length albums.

CD singles grew in popularity in the 1990s, so the term maxi single became increasingly used. Many CD singles contain a number of such cuts, in a manner similar to the older EP vinyl format. As advances in compact disc player technology in the 1990s made the CD acceptable for mixing by DJs, CD maxi-singles became increasingly popular for the mixes typically found on vinyl 12-inch singles.

Source ‘the definition 12-inch’ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/12-inch_single