Your 12-inch & remix radio

XTended Radio is off-air since 1st May 2019. We like to thank all people who listened to our online radiostation.

XTended Radio was during 2016-2019 your online radiostation with non-stop long extended, 12-inch and remix versions of the 70s, 80s, 90s and 00s. Before 2016 XTended was a radioshow made for a local radio station.

Long version
This long version – also known as 12-inch or maxi-single – has its origin from the vinyl era. The era in which we were playing our favourite music by using a turntable.

Your 12-inch and Remix radio

Our music
Each day you can listen to several scheduled playlists on XTended Radio. They have one thing in common; the music – in long extended, 12-inch and remix versions – is played non-stop, with a minimum track length of 5’00 minutes.

Because XTended Radio is a worldwide online internet radiostation, everybody with an internet connection can listen to our station, not only in our hometown Assen but worldwide. That’s why you can read all information in English here, instead of Dutch.

Dutch Licenses (till 1. May 2019)
XTended Radio is a non-profit radiostation and licensed by the Dutch BumaStemra (license number SW19n.0100494) and Sena (license number SW1350.17) for musicrights. Besides we are licensed by the Dutch Stichting Webcasting.